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Tiger, Tiger has been conceived and developed by George Butler and the films writer Caroline Alexander over the last three years, out of life-long admiration for the tiger and its role as the most charismatic animal on earth. Tiger, Tiger is a 3D IMAX® adventure/conservation film, in the tradition of WMF's highly-praised Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure and Roving Mars IMAX® productions, that will take audiences into the ancient, threatened kingdom of the Royal Bengal Tiger of the Sundarbans, at the southernmost edge of the Bengal Delta. (More...)


SWEEP follows Harry Parker, the enigmatic Head Coach of the Heavyweight Crew team at Harvard, as he prepares for his 51st season with the team.

Harry, 76, has a reputation for being competitive. A clean-living and hard-working man, Harry has earned the title -- according to many who have worked for, with, and against him -- of being the most competitive person they have ever known. That competitive drive took Harry from his blue-collar childhood in Massachusetts to the University of Pennsylvania, where he learned to row; to the Olympic finals as an individual rower; and finally, the august halls of Harvard, where he began his coaching career. Since then, his desire to win has lead him to 16 official and unofficial national championships, nearly two-dozen Eastern Sprint titles, a dozen trophies at Henley, 21 unbeaten dual-race seasons, and, most importantly to Harry, has helped him beat Yale 43 out of the 50 times they have raced at the annual Harvard Yale Regatta. Harry's record is unmatched: he is one of the winningest and longest-serving coaches in the history of American college sports -- in any sport.

Harry Parker -- nicknamed "The Sphinx", nicknamed "The Weird One" -- has terrified and inspired generations of athletes. SWEEP offers an intimate look at one of the most successful and durable leaders of the last century doing what he does best.