Mysterious, alluring, and rarely penetrated by outsiders, the rain forests of Africa's Congo Basin are one of the most magnificent and biologically diverse places on earth. Roaming these forests are enormous elephants, pygmy chimpanzees, hippopotamuses, leopards and buffalo, not to mention hundreds of insects, reptiles and birds, and thousands of species of plants. They are also home to the rarely covered and intelligent lowland gorilla — as opposed to the well-known highland gorilla of East Africa.

Gorilla is the story of a father and son, a world-renowned scientist and his teenage football star son, and of a mighty lowland gorilla and his playful yet powerful adolescent son. It is the story of discovery and coming of age for Orion, Dr. Richard Carroll's son, as he observes the behaviors of the gorilla pair in the rainforests and as he participates in the work of the dedicated scientists who struggle to protect them. And for audiences, it is a window into a world of startling beauty, and into the lives of creatures so remarkably similar to ourselves. This movie touches us as we learn — side by side with Orion — of the precariousness of the survival of this species and its ecosystem.

In partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), George Butler and writer Caroline Alexander are bringing the virtually unknown world of the lowland gorilla and the poignant tale of its struggle for survival to the awesome large canvas of IMAX®. Gorilla will transport audiences deep into the tropical forests of the Congo Basin, taking us on a magical journey into a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem to observe the elusive, mysterious gorillas. The gorillas themselves will be given their full, magnificent due, looming 80-feet high on the giant IMAX® screen with Dolby Surround Sound.