in the blood


Premiered at the Sundance Film Festival

"Certain to raise heated debate about its subject matter, In the Blood provocatively responds to the arguments against big-game hunting while generating new questions of its own. Director George Butler takes a journey into the African grasslands, following a modern-day safari inspired by the 1909 big game hunt Theodore Roosevelt organized for his son. The film, however, is not a sensationalized or exploitative account of hunting. Passionately arguing that big-game hunting benefits animal conservation efforts, this film examines the virtues of hunting, its relationship to conservation, and the traditions and values passed down among generations of hunters.

"Considerable pain is taken by Butler to provide an articulate and responsible tone that would be foolish to dismiss." — Sundance Film Festival program notes

"One of the most engaging movies about Africa we've seen in ages." — Audubon

"The viewer feels all the wonderful, clean, primitive sensations that go with being in Africa. The movie is superior merely as travelogue, but it is more than that. It is a wonderful movie." — Outside

"The movie is so much more than simply a hunting story. It has the beauty that is Africa. The dramatic climax to the hunt captures the true emotions of hunting better than any television program or film I've ever seen." — Outdoor Life

"The definitive hunting film." — Guns & Ammo

"Honest, moving, superbly photographed … Considerable appeal and excitement." — The New York Times

"Remarkably honest film of the contemporary hunt." — Lionel Atwill, Sports Afield

"A slick adventure … Wonderful … Mesmerizing." — Variety

"For anyone who cares about hunting (17 million people bought licenses last year), this film is indispensible. For those who are curious and want to know more about one of the oldest sports in human history, check it out." — Michael Berryhill, Houston Chronicle

"In the Blood is light years ahead of any hunting film ever produced." — Gannett News Service

"The truest movie ever made about hunters … the movie is honest and exact." — Sports Afield