tiger, tiger



Tiger, Tiger has been conceived and developed by George Butler and the films writer Caroline Alexander over the last three years, out of life-long admiration for the tiger and its role as the most charismatic animal on earth. Tiger, Tiger is a 3D IMAX® adventure/conservation film, in the tradition of WMF's highly-praised Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure and Roving Mars IMAX® productions, that will take audiences into the ancient, threatened kingdom of the Royal Bengal Tiger of the Sundarbans, at the southernmost edge of the Bengal Delta.

Bordering India and Bangladesh, the Sundarbans is the world's largest mangrove forest and one of the endangered tiger species' last strongholds. This unique ecological setting is also known as one of the most dangerous places on earth: here, the tigers are famous not only for their remarkable ability to hunt and skillfully navigate through the network of tidal rivers, channels, mudflats, creeks and an archipelago of islands, but most of all, for reasons still not understood, for being habitual man-eaters. In the Sundarbans, the essence of wildlife conservation everywhere is experienced on dramatically large scale every day - how can man co-exist with nature?

Butler and Alexander have spent the past few years researching the Sundarbans, its tigers and the crucial work being done to save them. Alexander's illustrious article "Tigerland" for The New Yorker discusses her experience of the Sundarbans and shed's important light on its tigers, the forest dweller who depend on the mangrove to survive and the modern problems facing their relationship today. She is also the author of a National Geographic article on the state of the tiger worldwide, "A Cry for the Tiger."

The film will follow Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, one of the top big cat biologists in the world and the man responsible for saving the jaguar in South America, as he tracks the tigers of the Sundarbans. Dr. Rabinowitz is the co-founder and CEO of Panthera, the non-profit organization devoted to saving the world's wild cat species. This epic journey, will take the tiger expert deep into the mangrove forest for the first time. From the villagers who stray into the protected forest, the people working tirelessly on the ground to protect both man and tiger, to the ancient tiger legends that pervade the forest, Alan's journey will guide viewers through a mystical and stunning landscape rarely seen on the big screen.

Thanks to Butler's vision as an explorer of human nature, science and the natural world, his previous films were outstandingly well received for both their educational and entertainment value. The artistic merit that Butler has demonstrated as director of several IMAX® films already, combined with worldwide reverence for the tiger, has laid the foundations for another international success. Tiger, Tiger aims to communicate the desperate state of tigers and the vital work being done to save them to audiences around the world. White Mountain Films looks forward to mobilizing awareness of tiger conservation initiatives in the Sundarbans and generating support throughout and beyond the project Tiger, Tiger.

Tyger! Tyger! burning bright
in the forests of the night...
-- William Blake, 1783

For more information about the film you can read the article in The Times of India, here.